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Our Resource Officers will develop a safety action plan, act a as a liaison between you and local law enforcement agencies, and they are available for Public and Private Schools. Our School Resource Officers carry the same certifications that public law enforcement officers do and the have public law enforcement experience as well.

Your personal consultant Officer Paul Rigsby is simply one click away from answering all your questions. 

What Do Our School Resource Officers Do?

• Breaking up and sorting out differences between parties.

• Detaining or arresting students who are breaking the law.

• Remanding students to the principal office for lesser infractions.

• Conducting physical searches of property.

• Patrolling the school grounds.

• Supervising and operating metal detectors and other detection devices.

• Special events security management and crow control.

• Giving assembly safety presentations concerning the school, drugs, alcohol, bullying, and online activity.

• Protecting the school, staff and students from theft and damage.

• Assist in medical emergencies.

• Maintaining relationships with students to prevent juvenile delinquency.

• Working with school staff to assist students in need.

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  • OFFICER CERTIFICATIONS - Our police officers have attended a government approved police academy and are required to keep their certification current at all times. Our officers are from completely diverse backgrounds and current employment status. Some of our officers are currently employed by a city, county, or state law enforcement agency while others employed completely by Crowe Overwatch Security, Inc.
  • UNIFORMED OR PLAIN CLOTHED - Our officers can be in uniform for public service or be dressed in plain clothing to meet more intimate needs such as Close or Executive Protection.  
  • 24 HOUR, FULL TIME & PART TIME - We have certified officers available around the clock. Some of our officers in Close Protection situations live on-site with our clients.

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