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Certified Flagger Employment

• Full or Part Time
• Site Security
• Special Events
• Traffic Control
• Lane and Road Closures
• Construction Zones
• Utility Zones

Certified Police Officer Employment

• Full or Part Time
• Site Security
• Traffic Control
• Special Events
• Close Protection
• Executive Protection
• Uniformed and Plain Clothed  

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Crowe Traffic Control Duties

  • TRAFFIC CONTROL POLICE OFFICERS - Some of our clients are required to have Certified Police Officers accompany traffic and flagging crews as they set up road and lane closures. Part of the Officer duties include working with local municipalities on developing strategies to protect work crews as well as rerouting an directing traffic.
  • ROAD AND LANE CLOSURES - You will be involved in executing the road and lane closure strategies developed for the particular crews or job-sites to which you are assigned. Sometimes you will remain at one job-site for the day. Other days you may be traveling from site to site with your Crowe Traffic Truck, setting up or tearing down closures.
  • TRAFFIC FLAGGING - Once you are quickly certified, you will be assigned a Crowe Traffic Truck in which you and at least one other Certified Flagger will accompany utilities and construction crews to manage the traffic flow around their job-sites.
  • CROWE TRAFFIC TRUCK - Our truck crews fluctuate between active traffic control, lane and road closures and site security.

Alternate Career Option: ARMED & UNARMED SECURITY - Is another career option that we offer, you may enjoy and can be easily certified for. Armed or Unarmed Security can consist of manning a permanent station, controlling who is coming and going, securing work sites and construction areas, working in office buildings and factories, and patrolling facility grounds. Click for more information on Armed or Unarmed Security Careers. 

Crowe Traffic Benefits

  • WE WILL TRAIN YOU - No Experience / No Problem. You have to start somewhere and we'd like it to be with us. We will give you all the training you'll need to move up in your security career.
  • ADVANCEMENT - As a family member, we want you to grow in your skill set and income. Crowe Overwatch is one of the Southeast's fastest growing personnel security companies. As our work force grows, so do our employees' opportunities. As we move into new markets, we will need supervisors and managers to help will new challenges. Extra responsibility equals more pay.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE - From day one, we offer several different health care insurance plans, that you and your family can take advantage of.
  • RETIREMENT - After only one year of employment, you are eligible for our income matching retirement plan. We will match whatever you want to put in your retirement plan up to a certain percent of your income. You are immediately vested with our matching amount.
  • BONUSES - We have different types of bonus plans you can participate in.

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